About Silky Map


Confucius once said “Everything has a beauty, but not everyone sees it”.


Silky Map – Central London Map pictured on eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer screens cleaning cloth allows you to see beauty clearer!


Innovative Silky Map has dual practical purpose: as a Central London Map and as a quality cleaning cloth.


Map features:

Coverage: Notting Hill (W) to Tower Bridge (E) and Camden Lock (N) to South Bank (S) with the Docklands and Hampstead included as insets.

Main Attractions, Museums and Galleries

Landmark Buildings for Easier Orientation

Tube and Train Maps

Rewarding Walking Areas


Cloth features:

Top quality cleaning effect

Washable (at 30° C) if cleaning effect gets weaker

Very light (12g)

Kind size – 22 x 25 cm

Folding free – does not get wrinkles

Soft touch – targeting our senses


Silky Map always allows you to carry London with you and to keep it light and bright!


You can buy SilkyMap on our website’s page “Where to Buy” (free worldwide delivery!). You can also buy SilkyMap in Stanfords store in London/ Stanfords store online and in the Photographers’ Gallery.


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